Comunidades Unidas Por Salud, " Communities United for Wholeness" better known as CUPS is an ecumenical group that works in northern Mexico. Adult work groups have been working with CUPS since 1986 building houses, digging water wells, making furniture and other things. For more about CUPS visit their web site.

      Some of the work done by the WoodButchers has been requested by CUPS. For example after hurricane Rita there was a request from CUPS for 40 bunk beds (or 80 individual beds). The funds for the materials came from many sources. 

  • School Supplies- For the past several years at the end of the school year we have asked permission, from some of the elementary and middle schools in the area, to collect the school supplies etc. that the children would normally put in the trash. All of the paper, pencils. crayons, spiral notebooks, etc. that are collected are taken to the Lonesum Pine. At some point during the summer folks get together and sort it by pencils together, crayons together, used pages removed from spiral notebooks and so on.  


         Usually, in the past, the school supplies are taken to the warehouse in Valle Hermosa, Mexico. Then when the group in October has finished delivering the quilts, they divide the school supplies into individual student packages which are then passed out as Christmas presents.( some years as many as 1000)



  •  Second Chance Clothing To Mexico Second Chance Emporium is a resale facility operated by several of the churches in La Grange. All of the items that are for sale are color coded and every three months those items which have not sold during that period are pulled from the racks. Usually, on the first Monday of each month these clothes are boxed by members of the various churches and put in/on a trailer for transportation to the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Once in the valley the clothes are delivered to one, or more, of the many poverty areas in the region from Brownsville to Roma.