March 6, 2022
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Delivered By
Rev. Martha Langford with Pam Hurst Soloist
Delivered On
March 6, 2022
Central Passage
Luke 4:1-13
Attached Document

SERMON NOTES: On the heels of his baptism, the Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness. As the forty days with the devil were ending, the temptations took on a seductive tone... an invitation to exercise power, to live for glory, to prove—beyond doubt—his identity and authority before his ministry began. These are Jesus-sized temptations and he withstood the test, his power exercised in self-control, his glory made evident in his humility, his identity shining through his refusal to trade on his relationship with God. This is what lay on the other side of wilderness, and I wonder what—for us—lies on the other side of the wilderness of Lent?