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May 29, 2018, 12:00 AM

"New Friends" a Story of Our Church

by Suzy and Arnold Romberg
We bought our house In La Grange in 1974. In 1994, I took a job in Austin which allowed us to move here. After we got settled in we set out to find a church home. We had attended Episcopalian and Methodist but mostly Presbyterian churches in Houston and Dallas, so our first visit was to the First Presbyterian here. We parked across the street and started across Franklin Street. A number of church goers were standing around the door chatting. Before we reached the curb a lady left the group at the door and came down to the curb to meet us. She introduced herself as Mary Louise Schmidt (Anna Katharine's mother) and we introduced ourselves. She turned around and yelled to the crowd around the door: "Hey, everybody, come and meet my new friends, the Rombergs!" We never thought of visiting any other church.

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