Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month as part of the Sunday Worship Service.

Sacraments are acts of worship which use physical symbols to represent spiritual ideas. Holy Communion is a Christian sacrament in which bread and wine are used to represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ, which Christians believe was sacrificed for them during Christ's crucifixion.

Presbyterians, believe that sacraments serve as illustrations, that the presence of Jesus Christ is very real in Holy Communion, but that the bread and wine are just symbols of the spiritual ideas that communion represents.

Presbyterians believe that the Lord's Table should be open to everyone who has been baptized. 

Presbyterians believe that the Lord's Table should be open to all who want to participate, including young children. The only restrictions are that participants have expressed faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized. The baptism need not be in a Presbyterian church. Presbyterians sometimes even allow those who have not been baptized to participate, though they encourage them to become baptized as soon as is practical.

Presbyterians may use any kind of bread commonly used by the people where the church is located. At First Presbyterian Church of La Grange, grape juice is used to represent the blood and is served usually in individual cups.