Second Chance Emporium

What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is a resale store in La Grange, Texas that serves all of Fayette County. It is nearing completion of its eleventh successful year of providing financial support for local human services organizations.

The shop accepts donations from the public and resells items such as clothing, household goods, small appliancees and furniture that are in good, working, usable condition. These items are sold at very low prices in order to benefit the underprivileged members of our community. All profits from the sale of these items are then given to local charities which are selected by the Funds Committee of the Board of Directors.

Since there is nothing like Second Chance in the neighboring towns and cities, Second Chance's customers come from all over the county. The store has earned a good and far-reaching reputation.

Since opening its doors at the end of April 1996, Second Chance has contributed $530,083.71 of the $1,036,820.82 total sales to various service ministries, expanded the sales area three times and acquired a separate building for receiving and preparing sale merchandise.

Who benefits from Second Chance?

Many low-income families live in Fayette County. Because Second Chance makes a point of keeping the prices low, these families are able to purchase clothing and shoes for themselves and their children, as well as necessary household items and even small gifts.

In 2006, total contributions to aid Fayette County residents were made to the following:
AMEN, $41,000; Fans for AMEN $2,000; Schulenburg Area Food Pantry $10,000; Celebration House food Pantry $2,800; Fayette County Habitat for Humanity $10,000; St. Mark's Hospital Rural Scholarship $9,000; St. Mark's Indigent Health $4,000; Family Crisis Center $11,250; La Grange ISD Nature & Cosmetology 42,000; La Grange ISD Needy Student Fund $1,000; Fayetteville ISD Needy Student Fund $250; Round Top Carmine Needy Student Fund $250.00; Flatonia ISD Needy Student Fund $250; Schulenburg ISD Needy Student Fund $250; Fayette County RX Program $11,000; Combined Community Action (Meals on Wheels) $3,250; Capital Area Rural Transportation (CARTS) $1,500; Children's Advocacy Center $4,500; School Scholarships $6,000 and Christmas is For Kids $9,000.

Throughout the year, one time distributions are made for other non-profit organizations which provide human services in Fayette County. The Mexico Missions of both the First Presbyterian Church and First United Methodist Church are given clothing and other items which are usable but have not sold in the shop.

Generous gifts of merchandise from the community and elsewhere, as well as many hours of volunteer work by friends and members of the sponsoring churches, under the direction of shop directors Sharon Pargac and Vera Zitterich, have made the above contributions possible.

Who operates Second Chance?

The resale store is run by a coalition of seven La Grange churches, which receive no monies from Second Chance:

Second Baptist        St. James Episcopal        St. Paul Lutheran        Sacred Heart Catholic

Mt. Calvary Lutheran                 First United Methodist                       First Presbyterian

There are two permanent shop directors on staff; however, much of the work is done by unpaid volunteers from those seven churches.

What exactly do volunteers do?

There are no special skills needed. volunteers sort and price items, put the items out on the shelves, call out the prices while other volunteers ring up the amounts on the calculators and others remove the clothing from the hangers and bag the purchases.

When are volunteers needed?

The receiving building is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

More volunteers are always needed at the receiving building, whether or not you are affiliated with one of the above churches. Come any day and they will gladly put you to work!

Sales Shop                                                                    Receiving Shop
851 South Reynolds St.                                              851 South Reynolds St.
La Grange, TX  78945                                                 La Grange, TX 78945 

Friday & Saturday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                 Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30p.m.  

 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL:  979-968-6070 or 979-966-0656

2019 Schedule for Second Chance

First Presbyterian & St James Episcopal


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