March 13, 2022
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Delivered By
Rev. Martha Langford
Delivered On
March 13, 2022
Central Passage
Luke 13: 31-35
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SERMON NOTES: Over the centuries, the word Pharisee has taken on it's own patina of shamefulness. Yet, in this text, it's the Pharisees who come to warn Jesus of Herod's malice. Jesus is clear with these concerned citizens; he has work to do—Herod or no Herod. He goes to Jerusalem knowing it will be the death of him, all the while lamenting his unrequited desire to gather God's willful children under his wing. I wonder... When things are perilous, do we warn Jesus away? Do we grieve his pastoral heart? Can we picture him there upon the cross—arms spread like a mantle of love over the world?